NEW PRODUCT: Stiltz Residential Elevator

Stiltz Residential Elevator

stiltz residential elevator

We are proud to announce that we are now carrying the Stiltz Residential Elevator product line. This new elevator product comes with a very small footprint needed and can fit pretty much anywhere in your home. With very little construction costs and installation time, the Stiltz residential Elevator is more affordable than your regular residential elevators.

Stiltz lifts are the perfect solution for existing homes that lack the space required for mobility options. With a Stiltz lift finding a space for the lift to go is easy because it doesn’t need a support wall. The only construction that is needed is a hole cut in the floor for the elevator to go. This makes the installation time quick and easy and should not take more than two days. The Stiltz lifts are extremely quiet. They have a special electric motor drive system means that you can use the lift with minimal disturbance to others in the house. In fact, it is quieter than some stairlifts. The Stiltz lifts just plugs into a normal wall outlet.



Enhance your home and your life with a Stiltz Residential Elevator by Morning Star Elevator.

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