Morning Star LULA Elevator

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Morning Star LULA Elevator for limited use limited application projects.

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The Morning Star LULA Elevator is a limited use/limited application elevator that is ideal to service schools, libraries, low rise commercial buildings, churches and multi-family housing. Custom cab sizes and various finish options allows your LU/LA elevator to blend into the surrounding decor seemlessly. Using a state-of-the-art hydraulic drive system and controls, our LU/LA provides safe, reliable, smooth and quiet operation. Modern fixtures and robust equipment makes a LU/LA the longest lasting choice.


Make your school, office, home, or church accessible to all with a LULA Elevator from Morning Star Elevator. Call to find out how versatile and affordable a LULA elevator really is.


Morning Star Elevator offers these products as well, residential elevators, stair lifts, vertical platform lifts, incline platform lifts, vertical wheelchair lifts, incline wheelchair lifts, dumbwaiters, commercial elevators. and car lifts.