Inclined Platform Lifts

Inclined Platform lifts by Garaventa Lift

Using similar technology as a stairlift, Inclined Platform Lifts will move handicapped persons with safety and ease up stairwells. Inclined platform lifts are a great alternative to a vertical platform lift or elevator because:

  • Inclined platform lifts can be used where space is limited and cannot fit a vertical wheelchair lift or elevator.
  • Inclined platform lifts can go straight up and down or can do curves and bends which can cater to nearly any staircase.
  • Inclined lifts are a great option because they allow the rider to stay with their group and go up the stairs together.

Here at Morning Star Elevator, we proudly carry, install, and service Garaventa Inclined Platform lifts.

We can offer you the Artira, Xpress II, X-3, and X-3R.

The Artira model is the lift we offer that can go around corners and bends. The flexibility that it can offer in endless. Do you have a spiral or a stair case with lots of curves and bends? The Artira is probably the right lift for you.

The Xpress II model that we can provide for your project is used in a commercial setting with a straight stair case.

The X3 is very similar to the Xpress II in its application for a straight run of stairs but are used in a low use setting.

The X3-R could is an inclined platform lift that can be used for residential use in lieu of a conventional stairlift.

                                                                                                           Inclined Platform Lifts


Let Morning Star provide a lift to serve all persons with disabilities at your building site. Call us today and find out about our competitive pricing, prompt installation, and satisfaction guaranteed!


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