Hydraulic Drive Residential Elevator

Increase your home value and you satisfaction with a stunning hydraulic residential elevator from Morning Star Elevator. The “Aspen” Hydraulic Drive Elevator is the smoothest riding elevator with fluid power-glide technology.

Custom tailored cabs and inviting features will gently transport you floor to floor with ease. With its space saving design and technology, you will notice that your Aspen Elevator is the best investment for an innovative tomorrow.

Systems Features:

  • Hydraulic systems utilize a piston to raise and lower the car by filling or releasing fluid into the airtight cylinder.
  • Unique in the market, no other company offers emergency battery-operated lowering, COP and hall stations, digital position indicators, custom wood sills and energy-efficient LED lighting as standard features.
  • This drive system accommodates up to seven (7) stops, 50′ of travel and is equipped to hold up to 1,000 lbs.

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