Garaventa Vertical Platform Lifts

Genesis Opal Vertical Platform Lift

Garaventa Vertical Platform Lift

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The Genesis OPAL Vertical Platform Lift model is an unenclosed, reliable, cost efficient accessibility solution for public building or private residences. This durable and easy-to-use lift is ADA complaint and suitable for indoor or outdoor applications requiring vertical transportation up to five feet.

Garaventa Vertical Platform Lifts by Morning Star Elevator

Genesis Vertical Platform Lift

Genesis Vertical Wheelchair Lift by Morning Star Elevator

Click here for a Genesis Vertical Platform Lift Brochure

Click here for a Genesis Vertical Lift Platform Planning Guide

The Garaventa Genesis is a vertical platform lift designed to provide access into or within public buildings with up to 14 feet of rise. It travels inside a complete, self-contained enclosure, or can be located in a shaftway constructed by others (as shown). Our unique, anodized aluminum design is strong, durable, and attractive.

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