Our Commercial and Residential line of dumbwaiters are the most reliable, well-built lifts in the industry. These lifts are built to fit any building or application with minimum added construction. Ranging from 100-500 pound capacity they can be used to move virtually anything!

You can move heavy boxes and cooking equipment at your place of business and at home, simply use your dumbwaiter to transport laundry and firewood from floor to floor. We also offer stainless steel for restaurants and food handling facilities, custom colors, customs size cabs, floor loading or counter loading height, and options for doors for aesthetic purposes. Options are plentiful with both commercial and residential dumbwaiters.
Ascent Dumbwaiter by Harmar

Unlike other dumbwaiters that are built like mini-elevators—with complex pulley systems, guide rails and traveling control cables—the Ascent comes complete. The entire drive system is pre-installed on the underside of the car, with the car’s chassis/trolley pre-installed on a section of the track.

On-site installation is as simple as connecting sections of track, securing the drive cable to the header, and wiring the controls and interlocks. That can cut up to a full day of installation time compared to other dumbwaiters.

The Ascent offers superb performance for years to come.

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