Inclined Platform Lifts

Using similar technology as a stairlift, Inclined Platform Lifts will move handicapped persons with safety and ease up stairwells. Inclined platform lifts are a great alternative to a vertical platform lift or elevator where space is limited and cannot fit a vertical wheelchair lift or elevator.

Artira Inclined Platform Lift

Artira Inclined Platform Lift

The Garaventa Artira inclined platform wheelchair lift is a safe and reliable way to travel between floors for passengers in wheelchairs and those with limited mobility.

This wheelchair lift fits easily in to most stairways and does not require extensive renovation or special construction.

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Xpress II

Xpress II Inclined Platform Lift

The Garaventa Xpress II is an inclined platform lift designed for straight stairways. The Xpress II Inclined Platform Lift is a safe, reliable and cost-effective accessibility solution. This lift can be installed on your site with little to no structural modifications, It is suitable for public building and residential applications.

The Garaventa Lift Xpress II inclined platform wheelchair lift is designed to provide economical access between two landings.

The platform travels on two rails which are secured directly to the wall or to support towers, and is propelled by means of a carriage mounted rack and pinion drive system. When the platform is not in use it is folded, taking up minimal space on the stairway.

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X3 Inclined Platform Lift

The Garaventa X3 is a simple and robust inclined platform lift from Garaventa Lift. Featuring a 550 lb. load capacity, battery operation and wireless call stations, the X3 is fast and easy to install. The X3 provides excellent value: Garaventa Lift reliability and safety combined with innovative technology.

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For more technical information on inclined platform lifts and vertical platform lifts visit our Information Library.